The Ashes Are Now No Longer On The Line

And so the ARL and RFL show how stupid they really are.

After coming up with the ridiculous idea to put the Rugby League Ashes up for grabs in a one off game in Wigan in just over a months time, then announcing it to the press with great fanfare, both have now changed their minds and have decided the Ashes will not be up for grabs.

Only in Rugby League.

It is good news though and while both the RFL and ARL have said they decided against the move after consultation, I would suggest there were probably other motivating factors.

The RFL will have a hard enough time selling the Four Nations as a stand alone event. Confusing things by throwing in a one off game for The Ashes would have just made things even harder.

So the Ashes are safe in Australian hands for a little while longer.

Ah, who am I kidding, the Poms aren’t winning them any time soon what ever zany scheme they come up with!

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