Super League Dream Team Announced

I really enjoy it when the Poms decide to award Rugby League players. It is always worth a giggle to see who they rate and who they don’t, after all these are the same people that gave Andrew Farrell an award as the best player in the entire world at one point!

This time around it is the untackily named “Super League Dream Team” that has been named and it is brilliant because of the fact it is so terribly average.

Five of the players in the thirteen man side are Australian’s, some of which are not really all that good.

Imagine if Clint Newton was one of the best second rowers at an NRL club. That club would be screwed. He is one of the best players in all of Super League!

It is good however to see Matthew Gidley get a run in the side. After all these years he is still carving up Super League.

The official Super League Dream Team for 2009 is:

1 – Brett Hodgson (Huddersfield)
2 – Peter Fox (HKR)
3 – Matt Gidley (St Helens)
4 – Keith Senior (Leeds)
5 – Ryan Hall (Leeds)
6 – Sam Tomkins (Wigan)
7 – Michael Dobson (HKR)
8 – Adrian Morley (Warrington)
9 – Scott Moore (Huddersfield)
10 – Jamie Peacock (Leeds)
11 – Ben Galea (HKR)
12 – Clint Newton (HKR)
13 – Kevin Sinfield (Leeds)

I put the team in red font just for St Helens fans, just a little reminder that we still all remember they exist, they are just crap these days thats all.

Well done to everyone named in the side.

You will be able to buy a copy of the press release announcing this side on Keith Seniors EBay page within the next few hours.

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