The 2012 King Of Rugby League Awards

Award in Rugby League rain like confetti these days. You have organisations and magazines handing them out to all and sundry and forming groups of people who vote based on their own agendas or in most cases, ignorance.

That is why The King Of Rugby League Awards stands out from the crowd.

I am the the only judge of these awards. I judge these awards based on Rugby League all over the world. Every level of football is taken into account. From club level right through to test level. I am not biased towards any team or player. I have no agenda outside of naming the best player in the world at the end of the year.

That no doubt upsets some people but I stand by my award winners over the years. You can put The King Of Rugby League Award winners against any other set of award winners you like, these awards are simply more reflective of the game than any of the competition.

So with that in mind, here are the 2012 King Of Rugby League Award Winners:

Biggest Story Of The Year: The Formation Of The Australian Rugby League Commission
The broadcasting deal was massive news and the financial crisis in British Rugby League was hard to ignore, but overall the formation of the independent commission in Australia was the real story of 2012. With the game now standing on its own two feet there should be nothing standing in its way from having a very bright future. However, after just months of taking over control of the game, questions have been asked of the ARLC and its ability to make important decisions.

Rookie Of The Year: Adam Reynolds
Going into the 2012 season I considered the Rabbitohs to be without a halfback. In stepped Reynolds who handled the role extremely well. It was to the point where the Rabbitohs season was done and dusted as soon as Reynolds got injured in the finals.

Team Of The Year: Melbourne Storm
How can you go past them after the season they had. They always looked to be in control of their own destiny and their run to the 2012 NRL Premiership included some absolutely incredible Rugby League.

Representative Player Of The Year: James Tamou
Born in New Zealand, he declared himself eligible to play first for Australia and then for New South Wales in a move that was all about boosting his career earnings. While I don’t think it should have allowed to have happened, there is no doubt that in the representative games he played in he made a massive impact. If only it was for New Zealand…

The 2012 King Of Rugby League: Greg Inglis
Ben Barba had an incredible season, and Cameron Smith was as good as ever, but Greg Inglis’ move to fullback completely changed the destiny of the South Sydney Rabbitohs. At times he was playing at a level so far above his peers that it seemed unfair. In both attack and defense, he was incredible throughout the entire season and its fair to say that if you took him out of the Rabbitohs lineup, they are a completely different prospect to face.

Put simply, no player in 2012 carried their team quite like Greg Inglis. He was the superstar of 2012 at club, state and international level.

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