Super Bowl LV Finals: Chiefs’ Trio Mahomes, Kelce, Hill Ignites Repeat Title

The Super Bowl LV Finale is heading to Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida, this February 7, 2021. After highlighting 14-Week regular games, the Tampa Bay Bay Buccaneers soared high in the N.F.C. That said, they will face the Kansas City Chiefs, who nailed the most number of wins in the N.F.L. Playoffs history.

This is probably a nail-biting event as the Chiefs grapples for successive Lombardi trophy achievements. After the Chiefs won the title last year, it seems that they are not letting this moment slip away this time. Besides that, Patrick Mahomes aims to be the second N.F.L. player who can win two M.V.P. recognitions in his first four seasons. Hence, the Chiefs wanted to seal this year’s Super Bowl title by sending the best troops on the field. Obviously, they have not made significant adjustments to the roster since the season started. So while you check the FanDuel updates, odds, and line of the Chiefs, here the team’s best talents to come out in the championship slate.

Patrick Mahomes (Q.B.)
He may not be considered the Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T.), but Patrick Mahomes has shown what a real quarterback looks like. Two years after joining the Chiefs, Mahomes got his first Super Bowl and M.V.P. title last year against the Niners. Today, they are back on a nostalgic scene as they will face the Bucs this weekend.

Travis Kelce (T.E.)
Travis Kelce is almost on his way to becoming the best Tight End of all time. In the A.F.C. Championships, Kelce secured at least 13 targets out of 15 to accomplish 118 yards with two touchdowns. He had been doing precise plays since the start of the season and looked to show even more in the finals.

Tyreek Hill (W.R.)
Tyreek Hill is undeniably one of the fastest players in the N.F.L. today. As the Chiefs’ main receiver, his versatility has made the team stronger than ever. In their last game against the Bills, he averaged 19.1 receptions per match. Aside from that, Hill has been a three-time First-Team All-Pro.

Chris Jones (D.T.)
Drafted by the Chiefs in 2016, Chris Jones is a power player that the team has. His agility and wise moves can wreck the game plans of any team they are facing. No other defensive tackles from other teams nor the Bucs can surpass that skill. In his current form, Jones made 172 tackles and 40.5 sacks with one touchdown.

Tyrann Mathieu (S.S.)
After transferring to the Chiefs in 2019 from the Texans, Tyrann Mathieu gave his all working as the Safety. Tyrann is a versatile player that can go anywhere in the field and build a great connection with Patrick Mahomes. Going into his current statistics, Matthieu made 534 tackles and 9.0 sacks, with two defensive touchdowns.

Darrel Williams (R.B.)
Darrell Williams led the rush scoring for the Chiefs against the Bills, which made them earn the A.F.C. title. He recorded 13 carries and one touchdown. As they face the Bucs in the Super​ Bowl, Williams will lead the running-back teams, Hardman, and their quarterback, Mahomes.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire (R.B.)
Another running back that makes the Kansas City Chiefs big this time is Clyde Edwards-Helaire. During the start of the season, Clyde soared high, but an injury limited him from showing what his talents look like. Now that he’s healthy, Clyde Edwards-Helaire will surely make a comeback as he and his team wrestle with the Bucs two days from now.

Andrew Wylie (O.G.)
The Chiefs got a reliable offensive guard to tap on Andrew Wylie. He is one of the N.F.L. players that can make precise tackles. During the finals, Wylie might take the right tackle after Mike Remmers took over the left one. He is solid in this department, which the Bucs didn’t miss in noticing.

Mecole Hardman (W.R.)
Presently earning 67 receptions, 1,098 receiving yards, and 12 touchdowns, Mecole Hardman is another reliable receiver that the Chiefs have. The same with Tyreek Hill, Hardman is also a versatile receiver in the field. He can build a great connection with his teammates, especially with his quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

The Kansas City Chiefs are knocking at the doorsteps of the Super Bowl LV title. This team aims to win the title once again to become the 8th group in the N.F.L. franchise who won back-to-back. Moreover, if the Chiefs make it, Mahomes will surely get the M.V.P. trophy for thesecond time around.

Needless to say, the Kansas City Chiefs have proven that they are a hard team to beat in the N.F.L. today. With the best Q.B. and solid men on the field, the Chiefs are leading a legendary attack to the Super LV championship this season.

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