St Helens Win Very Average Challenge Cup Final

St Helens have beaten the Catalan Dragons 30-8 on the games return to Wembley stadium.

It was a very nervous, error filled performance by both sides in a game that lacked intensity.

The Dragons stuck close through the first half but heading into the second half St Helens started to pull away from their French rivals.

One of the amazing things to come from the game for me was news that former Melbourne Storm player Rodney Howe is now the Dragons conditioner.

Howe if you remember was banned at one point in his NRL career for steroid abuse, sure he did his time, and I’m not saying anything is going on at all thats against the rules of the game, but its just a really bad look.

The fact that this was one of the more surprising things from the game says alot about the quality of the contest.

Good to be back to Wembley, but lets hope next year a game is played there that is worthy of the venue.

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