Barcelona Football Club Taking An Interest In Super League

The success of the Catalan Dragons is already paying off with Barcelona Football Club taking note of the interest surrounding the clubs first appearance in the Challenge Cup Final and the media and local interest it has gathered.

The Catalan region, which includes Barcelona, has been buzzing over the Dragons in recent weeks, so much so that the Dragons will be paraded before a Barcelona Football match.

There has even been talk that Barcelona FC are looking to apply for a Super League Licence which would be incredible for the game! The backing of a club like Barcelona FC (Who have teams in many other sports already) in a major city with world class facilities in a new country, what a combination!

Of course, Castleford might be seen as a better option…..

Surely if Super League was looking to expand and one of its options was Barcelona, there will be little to no choice to make.

Super League need to expand itself to be more attractive to sponsors. Few clubs competitions in the world could boast that they have teams in three countries, and sponsors like that type of spread. Thats how you go from having local sponsors to multi nationals supporting clubs and the game.

Not only would sponsorship be boosted, but I would suggest that a few top players may be interested in playing in Barcelona more so than Castleford.

The current interest just shows all the positives brought about by the true expansion and inclusion of the Catalan Dragons in Super League.

The addition of one club in a Rugby League hotbed of South France has in two years already brought so many positives to the game.

Yes its still new, yes its still gathering support, but with good crowds, a lot of interest building and surrounding areas taking not and wanting a part of Super League action, how can you look at expansion as anything but a positive for the game?

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