Jones Quits Again, This Time For Good

Well Stacey Jones has done it again. Rugby League serial quitter has quit once more.

After signing a contract extension for the Catalan Dragons to play on in 2008, Jones has waited until the worst possible time to chance his mind and leave the club up the creek next season by announcing his retirement from the game.

This should be no surprise to anyone that has followed Jones’ career.

He did a similar thing to the New Zealand Warriors after having issues with then Warriors coach Daniel Anderson, a coach who Jones had the gall to recently praise and said he was the best coach he played under. A turn around from the pathetic attitude he displayed at the end of his term at the Warriors.

Then there is the saga of him walking out on the New Zealand Test team when it suits him.

Hopefully Jones’ departure opens up a place for a French halfback to take over. Someone who is committed and wont quit when they feel like it.

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