St George/Illawarra Tampons Are Comically Bad

Few teams in the National Rugby League actually have the ability to make me laugh through an entire game because they are so bad.

South Sydney have done it in the past, the Panthers obviously are near the top of the list, but bar non the St George/Illawarra Tampons are the funniest side to watch at the moment.

If they were a young side, you might be able to forgive them, but they are far from being a young side with a number of current and former representative players.

Few players in their lineup seem to have a real command of the game.

Matt Cooper is one of them. In attack and defence he is one of the games best player, he always knows where to be and what to do, but most importantly, when the pressure is on, he is one of the players you know you can rely on.

Mark Gasnier isn’t quite there yet. An amazing attacking player, he does have some issues in defence, but for as good as he is, he isn’t one of those players who you feel can take over a game and do everything right when the pressure is on.

You have a guy like Jason Ryles, who’s game has not progressed one bit from the first game he played. Stupid mistakes, stupid penalties, dropped balls and general lazyness.

Worryingly, it just gets worse from there!

You have to think that Wayne Bennett is watching them and has already put the red marker through the names of a number of players. Ability isn’t a problem, attitude definantly is.

Last but not least, St George/Illawarra should have just two jerseys.

The famous Red V, and a version of the Illawarra Steelers jersey. The all red jersey, shorts and socks they wore against the Cowboys just went a lot way to re-affirm their new name as the St George/Illawarra Tampons.

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