South Sydney Rabbitohs Sign English Superstar Lewis Dodd From St Helens

The South Sydney Rabbitohs future at halfback lies at the feet at 22 year old Lewis Dodd from St Helens, after, and questions must now be asked about Lachlan Ilias’ future at the club.

Dodd, a halfback with St Helens in Super League, will join South Sydney in 2025 an a yet to be disclosed length of contract. He joins a long list of English Rugby League halfbacks to have come to the NRL to try their hand in the worlds toughest Rugby League competition.

How Dodd handles the step up to NRL level is anyones guess. Normally English halfbacks are under skilled and not that good defensively. That is why you see so few teams looking to sign English halves.

His signing spells bad news for currently injured Lachlan Ilias. Expect rumours to start flying about his future at the club. He would be a good signing for another NRL team.

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