Sonny Bill Williams Commits To The Sydney Roosters In 2014

Sonny Bill Williams is staying in Rugby League for the 2014 season after committing to a one year contract extension that he will take up in February next year after a boxing match in January.

Williams was expected to walk away from Rugby League again and head back to Rugby Union. His commitment to the New Zealand Rugby League teams World Cup campaign in the end was a signal that William had decided to stay in League.

It’s good news for the Roosters and good news for Rugby League as well. Like him or hate him, Williams has generated interest for the game, boosted crowd figures for a club that normally struggles for crowds, and he has made the season more interesting to watch.

Now the NRL has around 8 months to come up with a deal Williams can not walk away from in 2015. That is when Williams is expected to switch back to Rugby Union to play in their World Cup competition and then to play in the Rugby Union sevens at the Olympics in 2016.

While people will tell you money isn’t going to stop that happening, trust me, money could stop that happening. It’s just a matter of how much Rugby League is willing to pay to keep him.

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