So What The Hell Happened To

I know its been difficult, but its all back up and running now.

No doubt the first question you have is “League Freak, what the hell happened to your web site over the last week or so?”.

How about I tell you…

So on about the 23rd of December I has written the article below and went to upload it on my web site. I went to my bookmark….and nothing happened, the site didn’t load.

It wasn’t a big issue as far as I was concerned. Sometimes on the old server the site would be on the blink for a few hours. So I decided just to leave it for the night and that was that!

The next day, same thing, but once again, no real issue as far as I was concerned.

On Christmas night I decided to get on and post what was now going to be a bit of an out of date Christmas article, but the site was STILL down. So I went to RLFans and emailed their technical issues form, because I haven’t actually had one-on-one contact with anyone involved with RLFans for years now. Its just how it worked out….my site worked….I had nothing to talk to them about.

I got this email in reply:

Sorry for the delay in responding.

When we recently moved and upgraded all of our servers, we took a decision to focus on club sites and that we could no longer host the site as part of the RLFANS.COM network.

The server upon which resided has now been decommissioned and we are looking to but this machine, with all of its data, from our hosts and should have the physical machine at some point next week.

Once we have it we will be happy to make a backup of your site available so that you can find a new host for it. We will pass on details as soon as we have the old machine.

No warning this was happening. No one contacted me, nothing. They just flicked the switch on my site and that was that.

Keep in mind, I had no back up of the web site of my own at all. The entire site was gone and in someone elses hands.

So I turned to Twitter for some help.

I needed web space to use, I needed someone that was familiar with the type of web site I have, and I needed help getting everything set up again.

In stepped Matt from He said he would help me with all of the above, and he even worked on my type of web site for a living.

It is thanks to Matt and that my web site is up and running again.

So now its 2012 and you’re gonna see a few changes around here.

I plan on adding a live chat to the site and allow Facebook and Twitter users to be able to long into this site with their respective accounts. The more interactivity I can get on here, the better!

I’m also looking at having a Podcast feed set up on here for the start of the Rugby League season. It should be good fun and the topics covered won’t just include Rugby League.

When our robot overlords have won their great war, and the Earth is nothing by a post-apocalyptic wasteland…..there will be three things remaining.

Cockroaches, Todd Carneys liver and the Glorious Bastard that owns this web site!

So welcome to version 4.0. Its the same as version 3.0 except if you hold it the wrong way you lose reception.

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