Looking Forward To A Huge Season In 2016

Well the 2016 season is nearly here and I thought this might be the right time to talk about what you can look forward to here on LeagueFreak.com.

You can look forward to more articles over the course of the Rugby League season than I put out in 2015. I don’t plan on just pushing out nothing articles just to fill up space on the site. I’ll be writing about things that actually mean something to me. I think that is important to keep the quality of articles high.

I know you don’t just come here to read media releases, you come here for opinions you can’t find anywhere else. I’m going to give you just that in 2016!

I have been thinking of putting a Podcast out this season. I use to do online, live broadcasts back in the early 2000’s which were a lot of fun. Because of that, I’ve never really felt any drive to do recorded broadcasts where that live element wasn’t there.

Still, I’ve had so many people tell me I should do a Podcast. If I do end up doing one, don’t expect one of these hacky types that try to be a radio show. It would basically be me doing an audio version of what you have come to know and love about the web site. Opinions, ideas, a bit of fun, and some audience interaction.

Anyway, we will see about the Podcast…. Until then make sure you listen to the great Podcasts I post. They are the ones I listen to when it comes to Rugby League!

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I also have a Google Circles page if you’re one of the weirdos that has that! Once again that is basically just a feed off of my web site.

If you want to get your fix this year, that is how to get it!

I’m looking forward to 2016. I think this will be a fantastic, exciting season, and one that is pretty close too.

I also expect the football to be of a higher quality than it has been in previous seasons. I feel like the last couple of years a few too many teams have been in rebuilding mode. Now, a lot of those teams look ready to rock and roll.

I hope you enjoy the 2016 season with me here at LeagueFreak.com. As always, if you have any suggestions, feedback, you want to be a Guest Writer, or you want to sponsor the web site, hit me up by clicking right here and I’ll get back to you!

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