I Hope The Sydney Roosters Sign Sonny Bill Williams

So yet again Rugby League is talking about a “super secret meeting” that happened over a coffee in public.

The story is that Sonny Bill Williams met with the Sydney Roosters chairman Nick Politis and Channel Nine supremo David Gyngell at “secluded” Circular Quay to all but finalize a return to the NRL for the former Bulldog starting in 2013.

Williams manager Khoder Nasser has denied any deal had been done and suggested they all just met for a catch up. Yeah, that’s a good one. Have you heard Sonny Bill Williams trying for form a sentence? What is he talking to two business men about, his new tattoo? He’s a moron! Apart from being a football player hes an empty vessel!

Williams would be yet another former Bulldogs player the Roosters have signed in recent years. Every since the Bulldogs beat the Roosters in the 2004 Grand Final it has been as though the Roosters just decided to buy that Bulldogs side.

I don’t understand why any player would want to play for the Roosters.

First of all, you are constantly playing in front of tiny crowds. The Roosters simply do not have a supporter base that warrants a team in the NRL. They are a side propped up by old rich men and are as far from a true Rugby League club as you will find.

The Roosters wine and dine their possible recruits and talk about becoming part of the family….but its all bullshit.

Take a look at the long list of players the Roosters have pushed out of the club time and time again. They have zero loyalty towards their own players.

Take a look at Braith Anasta, another former Bulldogs player.

Anasta has stuck by the club through thick and thin. Its safe to say that he probably wasted the best years of his career at a club that has struggled from one crisis to another. He has watched so much rubbish going on around him, he is one of the really good people within the game, and yet the Roosters are trying to push him out the door to sign Williams.

Why would you want to go to a club with no fans, that no one likes to get no assurances that they will not push you out the door before your contract is even up!

I hope that Sonny Bill Williams does sign with the Roosters. I can’t think of anything better than watching him play in front of 4,000 people for a couple of games before he picks up another injury.

I want the Roosters to be associated with the traveling farce that is Sonny Bill Williams, a player who has looked to move on as soon as he has signed a contract with every single League or Union side he has joined.

I want to watch the Roosters highest paid player boxing pensioners and fall guys mid season. I want them to invest $800,000 of their salary cap in a stupid, unreliable kid who is injury prone. Please, do that!

It must be remembered that when Sonny Bill Williams left Rugby League, there were questions about whether his body was up to play in the forwards. I personally don’t think it was, I always felt he should have stayed out in the centers.

In 2012, playing in the forwards in the NRL is a very different animal to what it was five years ago. Players are bigger, stronger, faster, and there is a hell of a lot more depth. To be a forward in the NRL these days, you have to be a certain type of animal. You have to have a certain type of build. Sure Sonny Bill Williams is athletic but if you put him next to some of the forward running around in the NRL, you can see, he just hasn’t got that same solid, thick build.

If there is one thing we have seen from players that went to Rugby Union and then came back its that they are not even close to being as good as they once were. Williams has been playing union now for five years. To invest $800,000 a year into him over a five year contract is just insane.

Then again, after 6 months either Williams will be looking to shuffle on somewhere else, or the Roosters will be pushing him out the door anyway.

They deserve each other.

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