How Embarrassing: David Fifita Changes His Mind, Ditches The Sydney Roosters And Sticks With The Gold Coast Titans

David Fifita doesn’t have any regrets.

The coveted forward today decided to do a back-flip on his decision to join the Sydney Roosters and he will now take up a 2 year option to stay at the Gold Coast Titans on a contract that will earn him over $1 million a year.

The saga began last year when Fifita did a tour of the facilities at the Canberra Raiders, with the Raiders super keen on graining his services. This settled down until a few weeks ago when Fifita’s management reached out to the Penrith Panthers about a possible deal and once again, he took the guided tour of the clubs facilities.

The St George/Illawarra Dragons expressed interest in Fifita but they got no reply, and then the Sydney Roosters made Fifita an offer and it looked like a deal was done.

The club announced the signing, a lot was said and written about it, and it was all over…..or so we thought….

During the contract cool down period it seems Fifita had a change of heart, and he has chosen to remain with the Titans.

So let’s ask ourselves, why? Why do we think this turned out this way?

First of all, money.

David Fifita was going to be walking away from a lot of money had he signed elsewhere. No other club was offering the $1 million a season the Gold Coast Titans were offering.

Had Fifita signed with the Penrith Panthers he would have walked into a Champion club, he would have been a featured player in the best team of the modern era. Despite the Panthers losing players for next year, the clubs junior development system means they were still going to be, at the very worst, a contender of the title in 2025 and beyond. Fifita would have walked into a ready made Premiership threat, and you could have argued that was worth giving up some money for.

Then, things got a momentum, and all of a sudden Fifita was a Rooster. He joined a team with an abundance of back rowers, who were losing key plays, including their best player in Joey Manu, and one who doesn’t have a junior base at all, who would have to buy other players to just remain competitive.

A very different prospect.

When those feelings of unease kick in, and you’re not sure of your decision, and you wake up on the Gold Coast, not far from family and friend, and you think about the $1 million a season contract you just turned down to stay here, not having to move, knowing your team mates……

At some point David Fifita turned to someone and said “I don’t want to do this”.

You’ll hear a lot said by old talking heads, but Fifita was well within his rights to make this decision. Good luck to him too, I bet a lot of pressure was relieved and he is happy with his decision.

In the aftermath of all of this, and once Fifita made his final decision, the Sydney Roosters released a statement.

It reads:

The Sydney Roosters have withdrawn their offer to David Fifita.

Despite his management making the initial approach to the Club and Fifita personally informing the Sydney Roosters’ Chairman and Head Coach of his intent to join the Club last Thursday, Fifita has since expressed doubt about his decision.

Consequently, the Club has elected to withdraw its offer with view that it is in the Roosters’ best interests. The Club wishes Fifita all the best.

Sydney Roosters

How embarrassing…

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