Same Old Dragons As Charity Shield End In Souths Victory

Yeah its just a trial, but the first footy match of the season was very much appreciated in my lavish surroundings. It was an entertaining game, some big hits and a surprise winner.

While some say trial games mean nothing, I disagree. Ive seen to many teams in two many sports write off poor trial form only to find that when they hit the regular season many of the same problem continue to dog them throughout the year. Yes its not to bad to lose a trail game, but when a team has problems in trial games, its a concern.

Thats why the Dragons loss much be a worrying sign to St George/Illawarra fans. A lot of the same problems seemed to dog the Dragons that have seen them fall short in the big games in recent years. A lack of grit, concentration and leadership was there for all to see. And while you can talk all you want about Barrett not playing in the second half, the fact is a side thats supposed to be as good as the Dragons should have blown South Sydney apart for an easy but dominating win.

As it was, Souths, a team that itself was trialling things during the match, took control of the game and their more fancied opponent and at times just looked to beat the Dragons into submission. This from a Souths side that is very ordinary.

Ive been extremely critical of the Dragons management in the past for not being willing to make the tough decisions. The Dragons have a lineup of nearly men in their side. Guys who have shown that they can perform very well, as long as its not the finals.

Until the club changes its ways, the Dragons will remain nearly men.

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