Matthew Elliott To Coach Penrith As Lang Gets Marching Orders

Well, we all heard the news this week. If you have followed my comments over the last year you know what I think of Matthew Elliott’s coaching. I mean, he seems like a nice enough bloke, but between selecting park footballs ahead of good youngsters, bulking up the side to the point where their lack mobility is a factor in games, and a game plan that makes Rugby Union seems like a free flowing contest, the bloke cant coach.

On top of that, your replacing a proven winner, a premiership winning coach and a player coach, with a bloke thats done nothing!

John Lang was told he would be given prior warning should the Panthers management be looking to go in a new direction. In reality he was called in, told he would be let go at seasons end and they already had a replacement signed up. What a rotten bloody way to treat one of only three successful coaches the Panthers have had in their entire history!

Then came news that the board was kept in the dark over negotiations with Elliott! It makes you wonder what is going on at Penrith and who is actually running the show.

I make no bones about the fact that Penrith are one of the worst run clubs in the game. Along with the likes of Newcastle, they have just make a complete spectacle of themselves in recent times.

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