Ryan Stig Twitter Post Set To Land Him In Hot Water

Newcastle Knights reserve grader Ryan Stig is likely to find himself in hot water over a long winded twitter rant against homosexuality and gay marriage.

Stigg, who has obviously reacted to news that the ACT has passed laws allowing gay marriage, posted a Tweet on his time line expressing his views about homosexuality and gay marriage in general.

His views are sure to gain him a lot of attention over the next few days…

Here is the tweet he sent out:

[tweet_embed id=392777580534718464]

And here is the attached rant:


While Stig is allowed to share his point on view the opinions that he has posted will be a lightening rod for controversy. I wouldn’t be surprised if these views being aired so public ally saw him gain attention well beyond his standing in the game.

I want to make it clear that I do not condone Stigg’s views at all. I just believe this may become a bigger story and it will be of interest to some readers of the site.

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One thought on “Ryan Stig Twitter Post Set To Land Him In Hot Water

  1. This is actually quite thoughtful. There are a number of politicians who can’t express themselves as well as this.

    While there will be a number of people disagree with it, he has actually expressed his position quite clearly.

    I hope no action is taken against him for this, although in all likelihood he will end up in some trouble. There are some topics that seem to be taboo to talk about, and this is one of them. His beliefs will be very unpopular in some influential quarters.

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