Alex Butterworth – Looking At Kevin Sinfield And England

Kevin Sinfield Kevin Sinfield, King Kev, Sir Sinfield or simply Sinny, One of the most well known names in English Super League is set to make an appearance at his third world cup this weekend.

Although the majority of England fans (and all fans from other nations) will be happy to see him out on the field and be wearing an England shirt I wont be one of those fans, I’m almost disheartened to see him taking a place in the starting 13 knowing that he’s taking a shirt from any one of the lads whose position he has been thrown into over the years.

I can just imagine the whinos fans who are angrily banging their desks at the blasphemy i have just wrote, Yes he can kick an egg over a set of sticks but that does not warrant him a place in the 13.

If he isn’t playing in the position that he plays in week in week out for Leeds, the position that he is comfortable in he shouldn’t be in the squad never mind the team, In my eyes two people are in front of him at 13, Sean O’Loughlin brings more to the game as a ball playing 13, and Sam Burgess is Leagues above him as a ball carrying 13 so that position is out of the question for him.

Now McBannana played him at 7 Against Italy, although he did set up a try he shouldn’t be playing there, Matty Smith is the obvious candidate he was the Scrum half in the super league dream team he also won the Lance Todd Trophy for the part he played in the challenge cup final proving that he can play in big games under pressure.

If I had my way the team that would be lining up against Australia would go like this:
1. Sam Tomkins
2.Josh Charnley
3.Zak Hardaker
4.Kallum Watkins
5.Ryan Hall
6.Gareth Widdop
7.Matty Smith
8.James Graham
9.James Roby
10.George Burgess
11.Brett Ferres
12.Liam Farrel
13.Sam Burgess

14.Michael Mcilorum
15.Tom Burges
16.Ben Westwood/Chris Hill
17.Sean O’loughlin

In my eyes its crucial that we play as many of our NRL based players as possible against the Australians, they play either with or against the players that make up their squad week in week out so will give us the best chance against our biggest threat.

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One thought on “Alex Butterworth – Looking At Kevin Sinfield And England

  1. Zak hardaker has played probably handful of super league games at centre. After 18 months of being one of the best fullbacks in super league for leeds, you want to suddenly throw him back in at centre, opposite the powerhouse of Greg Inglis no less?

    That’s great…….if you want to test the record books for tries scored by a single player in a world cup game.

    You then want to play Kallum watkins, who has excelled on the right hand side for leeds, on the opposite side that he normally plays.

    You suggest selecting matty smith who hasn’t even been included in the england world cup squad…..

    All in all a muddled selection.

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