Gareth Hock Booted Out Of England’s World Cup Squad

England have been hit by scandal just days out from their World Cup kickoff with forward Gareth Hock booted out of the team for “disciplinary reasons”.

Brett Ferres has been brought into the squad as his replacement.

Speculation is running wild about what has caused Hock to be kicked out of the England camp. I have been given an account on what happened to get him kicked out of the squad and to be honest, it was just generally stupid, disrespectful behaviour. Nothing that would need to see him receive a further ban.

Don’t be surprised if more players are drawn into this scandal as well. You may see a very high profile player “stood down” for England’s first game agains Australia. We will just have to wait and see how that plays out.

This just adds to what has been a disastrous World Cup preparation by England.

After returning from a laughably inadequate altitude train camp in South Africa the English team went on to lose to Italy on the weekend 15-14 in a World Cup warm up match.

Since that game I has been clear Australia are completely gone. The quotes coming out of the English camp from players and coaches show this is a team that has completely lost the plot. Now they also have discipline issues.

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