Rugby and Kalyn Ponga: Confident But Not Arrogant

Do you love betting online with a fanduel sportsbook? You might just be interested in the life of Kalyn Ponga, who can easily be described as the coolest kid in the block. He was born on March 30, 1998, in Port Hedland Western Australia and developed an interest in sports at the age of eight when he moved to Palmerston with his dad.

He was a very active kid on the field, participating in various sports such as rugby, soccer, golf, hockey and touch football. He was kind of a multi-sports kid because he did not know which
sport he would specialize. Did you know that he won under 13 championship when he went to
New Zealand? However, his love for rugby would grow, and it would be in Australia that he would decide to pursue it as a professional. He signed his first contract with the North Queensland Cowboys and started playing for them. He was part of the team that defeated the Parramatta Eels 50-6.

Ponga was a star from the word goes. He had scored eight tries in eight games, but one thing
deterred him from pursuing rugby fully in the early days: he was receiving treatment for brain

His Career
It was in 2015 that marked Ponga’s breakout. He was invited by the New Zealand national rugby team to join them in a tour to Great Britain. The following year he spent time practising for the Cowboys, and it did pay off. He played for the team in the "NYC." He scored one try in the game.

This year proved a bit tricky for Ponga. He was eligible to present both New Zealand and
Australia in test football. However he chose to play for Australia, and during the 2018 season, he made his debut with the Knights. Honestly, it is like Ponga walks on a lucky streak because
during his first game with the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles they won 19-18.

In June he played his first game State of the Origin for Queensland in Game II of the 2018 State
of Origin series. He made 29 tackles in less than 52 minutes and even came close to scoring an
equalizing try.

His Personal life
So, since you are in the know with who is, Ponga lets get in the loop into his personal life. Herecare a fun few facts about him:

1. He is scared of playing video games. Yeah I know it sounds weird, but according to
Ponga the first time he started playing video games, it was a bit scary. However, he has
gotten the hang of it. He plays video games with his mates as a way of relieving stress.

2. He is a pretty chief and relaxed guy. Did I mention he is quite respectful even with his

3. This year he released a photo of himself doing a backflip from the top of his roof. Let's
just say it got some bit of criticism.

Kalyn Ponga has a whole life in front of him. His career is quite impressive at such a young age.
Next year it will be a tough year since there will be a lot expected from him. Knight’s fans are hoping to see the best of him in 2019.

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