RL Alive – Great Players Can Still Be Overrated

In my last article I included Daly Cherry-Evans in my 1-13 of most overrated players in the NRL. A lot of people are not too happy with this, so I’d like to make my point a little bit clearer.
First of all, I’m a fan like all the people who will be reading this and who read the previous article, so I’m entitled to an opinion and so is everybody else. We all talk about, play and watch rugby league because we love the game and I am no different.
In my opinion Daly Cherry-Evans is the third best halfback or five-eighth in the competition, behind Johnathan Thurston and Cooper Cronk. There is absolutely no doubt that Cherry-Evans is a superstar player in the game of rugby league.
Cherry-Evans has been tipped to be the next great halfback and the general opinion that I hear from fans and commentators is that he should be wearing the Maroon and Kangaroo number 7 ahead of Cooper Cronk.
In my opinion, they are wrong. Cooper Cronk’s kicking game is so complete and is on a different level to any player in the competition at the moment.
I think as a ball runner and support player Cherry-Evans is better, but I prefer Cronk in every other department.
I think its fair to say that, if you rate Cherry-Evans higher than Cronk, then you are overrating Cherry-Evans. It also works the other way, you might think that I am overrating Cronk. Its all fair.
Saying that someone is overrated by the majority doesn’t mean that they aren’t any good. Its all about opinion rather than malicious intent against a certain player.
There are loads of different examples of this throughout the history of rugby league and sports in general.
I always thought Andrew Johns was much better than Allan Langer, so if I hear the majority claim Langer is better than Johns, then I am going to call Langer overrated as well.
Its nothing personal. To be fair Daly Cherry-Evans kicked really well against South Sydney. Maybe he was trying to prove me wrong. I doubt it, though.

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