RIP Mike Gibson

Veteran sports journalist Mike Gibson has passed away at the age of 75.

Gibson, a very well respected journalist, was known for heading up Channel 9’s Wide World of Sport, and later, The Back Page. He was known for giving reasoned, straight forward opinions and having the ability to look past PR spin and rubbish in an effort to get to the heart of a story.

Mike loved his Rugby League and was well known for being a North Sydney Bears supporter. The demise of the Bears didn’t sit well with him, and he would mention that from time to time, but you could sense that his love for Rugby League remained, even if he could no longer watch his favourite team take the field at North Sydney Oval.

In an age where, sadly, most sporting journalists build a reputation as being not very likable people at all, Gibson was universally loved. That says a lot about the man and the work he did. No matter what forum you saw Gibson on, you were happy to see him there and taking part in the discussion.

My thoughts go out to Mike’s family and friends during this time. He will be missed by a whole lot of people.

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