Reports Channel 7 Could Take Over NRL Free To Air Broadcasting Rights

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that Channel 7 has shown interest in taking over Channel 9’s broadcasting rights of the National Rugby League.

The news comes just one day after it was revealed that the NRL has secured up to a $250 million loan that shored up the games finances and put Channel 9 on the back foot in terms of any negotiations that took place to cut back on the current broadcasting deal.

Channel 9 has been using all of the media outlets it owns over recent days to attack the NRL. It is a tactic that has been a total failure as public opinion of the broadcaster has hit rock bottom.

It hasn’t[t been helped by the fact that many of its public mouthpieces such as Phil Gould have been totally transparent in their criticisms of the NRL and its management.

Channel 9, incredibly, want the season cancelled completely. This would mean that Channel 9 would save around $120 million in broadcasting rights. That Channel 9 want to cancel the season, and have done this during a global pandemic, is nothing short of a disgrace. It has been very poorly received by everyone within the game.

If Channel 7 does step in and take over the Free To Air television rights, it would see them host the two highest rated sports in Australia. It would put them in a completely dominant position across Australia with its sports coverage.

Channel 7 would have to take over Channel 9’s three games per week, and be open to simulcasting those games with Fox Sports.

Fans across the game are completely fed up with the petulant behaviour by Channel 9. Over the last week their continued attacks have got everyone off side.

The sooner Channel 9 is no longer involved in Rugby League the better.

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