Ray Hadley Does Not Want To Take Over From Ray Warren When He Retires

Andrew Webster of the Sydney Morning Herald has an interesting followup to a story he wrote earlier this week. There is some good news to come out of it too!

Ray Hadley has for the first time publicly stated that he does not want to take over from Ray Warren when Rabs finally hangs up the microphone.

This is great news for Rugby League viewers because quite honestly listening to Ray Hadley call games on television is about as painful as getting a vasectomy with a rusty knife.

Hadley is a very good radio caller, one of the best in the business, but for what ever reason it does not translate at all into television commentary where people can’t stand listening to him.

Personally I would happily listen to Hadley call a game on radio, although a tend to prefer the calls done by Triple M these days. On television though he just doesn’t have the same magic.

No doubt when Ray Warren retires Channel 9 will act as though he is handing over some great role to a next in line. Really what they need to do is just stick another bloody commentator in there that doesn’t sound like a train wreck.

There are plenty of good television commentators in Rugby League. Andrew Voss and Warren Smith and the two best going if you ask me. There are others though who all do a fine job of calling games, who tell you what is happening on the field, and who don’t feel the need to give shout outs to their makes or talk about what television shows they like to watch.

So who would you like to see take over from Ray Warren when he retires? Drop a comment in the comment box below!

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