Michael Ennis Could Be Headed To The Canberra Raiders In 2015

News Limited is reporting that Michael Ennis will accept an invitation to check out the Canberra Raiders this week as he look for a new club in 2015.

Ennis is off contract at the end of this season and it is pretty clear the Canterbury Bulldogs are looking to move in a different direction for the future.

Ennis’ form at the start of the season was pretty ordinary but it has picked up in recent weeks. You always know when Michael Ennis is in form because he is pissing off opposition players in every game he plays!

Ennis is in the latter staged of his career and it must be difficult to know that the Bulldogs are not interested in re-signing him. He has been a good player for the Bulldogs but he has had a few different clubs over his career that all seemed to want to move on from him at some point.

By all accounts Ennis is one of the games good guys off the field. On the field, he is one of the games best nigglers. He regularly gets under the skin of opposition players.

His experience would be good for the Canberra Raiders, but I’m not sure he is the type of player they really should be looking at. I tend to think the Raiders need to stick with their juniors (Who are some of the best in the competition) and look to rebuild the club over the long term rather than go for short term fixes.

Having said that, I hope Ennis finds a new club soon.

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