Jack Wighton and Latrell Mitchell Arrested In Canberra Night Club Incident

Canberra Raiders star Jack Wighton and South Sydney Rabbitohs star Latrell Mitchell have both been arrested after an incident at a night club in Canberra.

The two were involved in birthday celebrations for Jack Wightons 30th.

It will be interesting to watch how this all plays out. Wighton is a repeat offender who can’t seem to go 18 months without being involved in some drama. The fact he allegedly chose to have a go at Latrell Mitchell, who is a giant, shows he has poor judgement.

Both players are scheduled to play in the NRL All Star Game. Will they get stood down from that while the NRL Integrity Unit investigates what happened? Who knows.

One thing is for certain…..it is now THE FOOTY SEASON!!! 😀

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