Wally Lewis Personally Attacks Paul Gallen And All Of New South Wales

Wally Lewis has launched an extraordinary attack on Paul Gallen and New South Wales, claiming Gallen should be embarrassed for losing 8 straight series and that New South Wales will never “get” State Of Origin football.

Gallen, who is hated in Queensland, made a joke last week about the two headed supporters of Queensland. That didn’t sit well at all with Wally Lewis…

“That was an indication of a long-held disrespect for Queensland.”

“For NSW, it was a waste of f***ing time playing Queensland for decades and then I hear Gallen joking about the two-headed people up north.”

“Paul Gallen was obviously trying to make a painful memory amusing, but show me a current Queenslander who has been insulting to NSW and their players.”

“Mal Meninga (Queensland coach) is big on respect. When has a Queensland player in this team put s*** on the Blues and ridiculed them?”

I agree with Wally Lewis to be honest, I mean it’s not like Mal Meninga has ever been disrespectful to New South Wales!

Queenslanders are usually such level headed people. They don’t run around attacking others wildly with crazy accusations, that just isn’t what they do!

I think it’s really funny that even after winning 8 straight State Of Origin series that these Queenslanders are so bitter.

This idea that NSW doesn’t “get” State Of Origin football is the biggest load of shit you will ever hear.

Talent wins State Of Origin games, and right now Queensland, parts of northern NSW, and pockets of New Zealand, currently provide Queensland with more talent than New South Wales has.

The joke Paul Gallen made is an old one, and it’s one that seems to have really upset Wally. That’s fair enough, he is allowed to be upset about it. His reaction however seems to be a bit over the top. It’s like someone smashed his favourite banjo or something, he has seen red and just gone off on one!

Queensland can keep attacking New South Wales all it likes. They can say they don’t get State Of Origin, they can whinge about the eligibility rules, they can claim the administrators want to see a Blues victory and they can claim all of the planet as their catchment area. They are allowed to do that.

One thing that they will never be able to do is enjoy a series victory quite like New South Wales does. When we win a series, we are happy about it. We don’t try and act like a pissed of ex that needs their feelings validated with more acknowledgment than is ever possible to given them.

Yes Queensland, for now, you are winning. You have more talent than NSW does. Talent at an historical level. It will change. It wasn’t all that long ago you lot were crying into your XXXX and asking if State Of Origin was over as the Blues were kicking your arse.

The winning streak won’t last forever, but the obvious bitterness Queenslanders have because they are Queenslanders will. That’s fine, they are allowed to have that bitterness.

New South Wales is also allowed to not give a shit.

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