Parramatta Eels English Import Lee Mossop Claims Super League Is More Physical Than The NRL

Parramatta Eels English forward Lee Mossop may have spend most of the season on the sidelines, but he has told the BBC that Super League is more physical than the NRL.

Mossop, who made the move from Wigan to the Parramatta Eels at the end of last year, played his first game of his NRL career against the North Queensland Cowboys last weekend in a game that saw the Eels come away 18-16 winners.

That was enough for Mossop to make the following quote:

“The Aussies like to rate the NRL competition as the best in the world and they’re probably not wrong,”

“It’s a lot faster but a lot of people expect it to be harder but I think Super League is a more physical competition.”

It is a fair quote to make after just 32 minutes of football for the entire 2014 season.

Mossop of course is entitled to his opinion but he would want to hope that it isn’t one that too many opposition forwards in the NRL pick up on.

The type of statement Mossop has made is more than welcome in Super League where most clubs are make up of semi professional quality players, but in the NRL a player can really get punished when they make big statements like this.

When Mossop plays more than 32 minutes of football we will see how he goes I guess. If the NRL is less physical than Super League then Mossop will no doubt be a super star for the Eels.

Lets see how he goes for the rest of the season.

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