So How Did Nathan Hindmarsh And Bryan Fletcher Go As Commentators On Fox Sports?

On Saturday night during the Sydney Roosters vs Newcastle Knights match, Fox Sports offered viewers the option to press the red button on their remote control and take in a different match commentary provided by Nathan Hindmarsh and Bryan Fletcher.

So, how to Hindy and Fletch go?

Well, it was different! Both called players by their nicknames, talked about their playing days and just have a bit of a laugh and a bit of fun.

Nathan Hindmarsh came up with the revelation that during his Parramatta Eels day, the nudie run was banned by the club as it took place in a pub in Parramatta. He then mentioned something called “The tree”, which saw a player stand in the nude and another nude player having to climb around him.

Makes you hope no one snapped a twig!

Both Hindmarsh and Fletcher have a bit of a laugh about the slow play the balls Willie Mason had and Nathan Hindmarsh pointed out that Willie Mason looks at the big screen when he runs the ball.

There were crosses to someone on the sideline who pretended to be Scottish and Italian, and over all it was all a bit of fun.

It probably wasn’t for everyone but it was different and I would probably listen to alternative commentary again depending of who it was in the commentary booth.

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