Parramatta Eels Supporters Are Not Happy With Lee Mossop

Last night I posted an article about Lee Mossop and his ridiculous comments to BBC Radio where he said that Super League is physically tougher than the NRL. He made these comments after playing just 32 minutes so far during the 2014 NRL season.

People that follow me on Twitter and Facebook went off on Mossop. It is understandable too, the comments were stupid to make.

The most surprising reaction come from a great Parramatta Eels web site that called

Eels supporters were pissed off! They couldn’t believe that after playing a very average 32 minutes that Mossop would make a target of himself the way he did.

In the thread titled Mossop Making Himself A Target? Eels supporters vented.

Ron stated “Mossop is a dope, I hope he gets trampled tomorrow.”

Kenny Was The King said “Played for 32 min & didn’t bend the line once. Hardly qualifies calling anyone else in the NRL soft”

Bernie Dowling made a good point when he said “That’s the sort of thing you say to make the the Pommy punters happy. It is amazing that people like Mossop do not realise you can do interview in Timbuktu and the internet will relay it around the world.”

A few others mentioned that it sounds like Mossop wants to head home.

The reaction is pretty full on when you consider that Mossop is a Parramatta Eels player. I like to see supporters who aren’t afraid to be critical of their own team though.

Check out the entire thread by clicking here.

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