Kevin Sinfield Receives An MBE For His Services To The Great Game Of Rugby League

Kevin Sinfield has been awarded an MBE for his services to Rugby League.

It is 2014, and quite honestly I can’t be bothered looking up what an MBE is or who hands them out, but good luck to Kevin Sinfield and who ever campaigned to have this honour bestowed upon him. I’m sure it will look great on his Leeds Rhinos profile page and hopefully it comes with a pay rise!

I find it kind of strange that these “Queens Honours” are still handed out.

Once upon a time they really did mean something. They were given to people that usually fought for the honour of the crown.

These days…well…you can make a living pretending to be something on TV and get one of these things handed to you!

I know on Australia Day when we have “honours” handed to people I’m always left scratching my head. Hand them all to pediatrics nurses I say! Hand them to people that volunteer their time in children’s hospitals to make kids smile!

Instead these things tend to be given to former politicians, actors, professional athletes…its all a bit silly really.

Good luck to Kevin Sinfield though. He has been playing Rugby League for a long time now. He is a player that has had a lot of success in Super League with the Leeds Rhinos and that has been rewarded with an acronym that he can use on letterheads and business cards and other forms of stationary.

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