NFL Betting Strategies and Systems

The NFL is deep in the off-season, but there is still some action, thanks to the draft process and teams’ training camps. If you are a bettor, this is the perfect time to strategize on effectively betting on upcoming season games. Generally, you’ll require different approaches for betting systems like spreads or parlays. 

The following article reviews different strategies and how to bet on multiple systems or bet types. Let’s get started. 

NFL Betting Types 

Before looking at the strategies and tips, let’s review NFL betting systems and types. They include: 

  • NFL spreads: Spreads involve wagering on a team to win with a specific point gap or spread.
  • Moneyline bet type: This is simply betting on a specific team in an outright bet.
  • Game’s totals: Mostly involves betting on matches’ over and under totals. 
  • Parlay bets: Occurs when you stake multiple bets.
  • Futures: Betting on outcomes of future events like the Super Bowl or playoff games.

Best NFL Betting Strategies

Here are the best NFL betting strategies: 

1. Do Enough Research on a Team

Doing ample research on specific playing teams helps in getting crucial details for your bets. You should know of any:

  • Injury news
  • Coach’s or managerial inputs on specific players or team’s status
  • Training news

For instance, getting injury news on a reliable star player can help when staking on a team’s total points. Also, you’ll know the available players for an upcoming game when researching a team’s training. 

Additionally, the NFL involves unique dynamics and gameplay. This includes complex rules and multiple groups (3) for a single team (offense, defense, and special teams). Therefore, research before betting on certain bet types on platforms like Betway.

2. Designate and Manage Your Bankroll

Setting aside specific cash for betting is necessary to avoid chasing after losses. It also helps calculate the number of bets to place and the percentages to use. 

If you’re a beginner in Betway’s NFL betting, invest small amounts and do not use the entire bankroll on one bet. Also, select safer options and divide your bankroll amongst them. In unfortunate cases, count your losses and probably take a break.

3. Always Track Your Stakes

Following up on your bets helps you gain more insight into certain matchups and results. You also get firsthand information on how a team’s performance can affect different betting types. Additionally, you acquire insights for wagering on future games. 

4. Bet Logically

Your love for a team or a specific NFL player shouldn’t affect your betting choices. Ensure that respective matchups and players’ capabilities are checked in certain playing conditions. To bet logically, rely on your research and forget about being an American football fanatic. 

5. Confirm a Game’s Location

Normally, a team playing at home has better chances. The home fans’ noise may affect particular plays, like quarterback communication with the wide receivers. For example, teams like the Chiefs’ Arrowhead Stadium and the Green Bay Packers’ Lambeau Field have some of the loudest fans. 


Following the right betting strategy is a healthy wagering strategy. You can avoid factors like chasing your losses by engaging in responsible practices like managing your bankroll. Prior research is crucial, ensuring you are a few steps ahead in your chosen bets. Most importantly, understand the betting types and how a team can enrich or jeopardize the wager.

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