New Zealand Warriors Fans Are Not Happy With Matthew Elliott

After started the season with two very ordinary losses it seems that some New Zealand Warriors fans have already had enough of Matthew Elliott.

Supporters of the club have set up a Facebook group called Sack Matt Elliott which already has 46 members on it.

While it may not be the biggest Facebook group online it does show that there are rumblings among supporters of the club for the coach to be replaced.

Matthew Elliott took over the New Zealand Warriors in 2013 and lead the club no where. People gave him a free pass based on the fact that the team was absolutely terrible in 2012.

After a big off season in which the club paid a record transfer fee for English fullback Sam Tomkins, the expectations of the club and supporters are a lot greater than they were this time last year.

The Warriors have a great lineup in my opinion. They have a number of players any club in the NRL would love to have on their books. At some point the excuses have to end and the Warriors have to start winning games.

If that doesn’t start happening soon I have no doubt that the Sack Matt Elliott group will grow in numbers.

And before you ask…no, I have nothing to do with setting up this Facebook group at all!

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