More Questionable Behaviour By Blake Ferguson, This Time At A Taxi Rank

The Sydney Daily Telegraph is reporting that Blake Ferguson caused a few issues at a taxi rank after a night out on the town two in Sydney on Saturday night.

Ferguson, who says he has given up the drink, was seen at a pub with Sharks players on the same night the Canberra Raiders were playing, and then moved on to Kings Cross top party into the morning.

Those Redbulls will get you FUCKED UP!

This all comes as news is filtering out of Canberra that the Raiders are ready to cut ties with Ferguson for the rest of the season. It seems Canberra Raiders players are sick of Fergusons shit.

The unbelievable part of all of this is that Ferguson’s value is actually going up! Ferguson will make far more at his next clubs than he currently does at the Canberra Raiders despite the way he has carried on over the course of the 2013 season.

For a less talented player, the way Ferguson has carried on off the field this year would amount to career suicide. No club would want to go near someone with this type of attitude towards their profession.

This is Rugby League though, and talent overrides everything. Ferguson will still have clubs lining up for his services. They will all still try to get him in their jersey. They will all still want Ferguson representing their team.

Keep in mind that Blake Ferguson still has an assault case to fight in court. That won’t be a concern for clubs though.

I’ve put Blake Ferguson into the “Anything could happen” zone. I don’t get outraged by his behaviour. He is what he is….and that is not about to change.

What I do find off putting is that so many people in Rugby League are so willing to give this guy another chance. Even the Cronulla Sharks, who he completely disrespected and walked out on just a couple of years ago, are working hard to bring him back to their club.

No doubt we will see more off field incidents from Ferguson before the season has finished. It doesn’t matter though. He will be lining up for another team next season, earning even more money, letting down a new fan base, all the while disrespecting team mates, coaches and supporters.

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