Memo To Braith: You Started This Mess So Whinging!

You have to hand it to some of these players….they really think they can have their cake and eat it too.

So last week, Braith Anasta heads over to have a meeting at the headquarters of the ARU and predictably, there are about 1000 journo’s following.

Who would have thought….I mean, it was just a few days earlier that headline were made when his management let it be known to everyone willing to listen that a letter had been sent to the ARAU along the lines of “We are willing to hear what you have to offer”.

Then, there was talk that Anasta future would be directly effected by his chances of making the NSW State Of Origin team.

So now, we have a lot of hype in the media about Anasta. Will he, wont he?

Then….just a couple of days ago…..what do we hear?

Braith pleading with the media and fans to stop pressuring him about this decision.

HELLO…..Earth to Mr Anasta!

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Braith get upset. Remember during the Bulldogs salary cap scandal when the Bulldogs broke the cap by….oh…a few million dollars. Back then Braith Anasta was very upset because he felt he was the face of the scandal.

Little did he realise that, in the eyes of the media and the fans….he wasn’t that important. He was just one players getting paid by a club that has basically been caught cheating in the worst possible way.

But, oh no….Braith felt like it was all about him.

You know, he is a young bloke. He isn’t a child, but he is still pretty young. And I’m willing to say that he probably is one of these people that takes things to heart a little to much.

But I would also suggest that he must be getting some bad advice. I don’t know who from, but a lot of the moves he has made in his short career haven’t helped the publics perception of him.

And think about it….this isn’t a player thats doing terrible things off the field. This isn’t a player thats is harsh when fans approch for an autograph or who looks disinterested when interviewed on TV.

In real terms, Anasta has done very little wrong, but just a few things stand out, a few quotes that don’t sit well with fans.

I think Rugby League players these days should really think about the people they get advice from. Last year I felt that Andrew Johns crushed his public image with the farcical way in which his contract negotiations were managed. I thought that would have opened the eyes of other League players and make them question what was best for them over all.

Maybe, we need a few more lessons to be handed out before that happens. Maybe, Braith is just another example of a good player getting bad advice and looking terrible at the end of the process….not matter what the outcome is.

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