Louis Hawke – Will The Controversy At Salford Ever End?

Is there ever going to be a full week where Salford owner Dr Marwan Koukash isn’t in the news with new bright ideas and changes to the club?

This week Marwan Koukash announced that he had offered Brian Noble the Board of Directors job after his contract had run out as Salford head coach. Meanwhile Koukash has announced that Ieystn Harris would take over in charge of the Salford Red Devils.

There was a mixed response to these changes, many fans were unhappy at the decision and also criticizing Koukash’ knowledge of the sport and back room staff, but on the other hand many fans were happy to see a younger coach put in charge.

I spoke to a few fans recently and they could tell that Brian Nobles tactics were very predictable, play the ball and pass straight to the prop or loose forward.

There’s no use of dummy runners or magic plays which could possibly be the reason Salford don’t make that many yards in attack.

Could this be a big turning point in our season? For the better or worse? Time will only tell. #Shed110

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One thought on “Louis Hawke – Will The Controversy At Salford Ever End?

  1. There is only you saying there is controversy. smart move by the Dr. getting shut of a dinosaur.

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