Lote Tuqiri Signs A One Year Deal With The South Sydney Rabbitohs

South Sydney Rabbitohs

In a case of “What the hell are they thinking?”, the South Sydney Rabbitohs have signed Lote Tuqiri to a one season contract.

Tuqiri has recently been playing Rugby Union in Ireland where he found himself the focus of the media for for alleged extra curricular activity.

Lote Tuqiri’s last stint in the NRL was nothing short of a disaster. Playing for the Wests Tigers on a sizable contract, Tuqiri looked a shadow of his former self after his return from Rugby Union. He battled form and injury problems that looked like they would end his career for good.

I can’t imagine why South Sydney would sign Tuqiri to even a minimum contract. He was so far off the pace when he last played in the NRL, he will be nothing but a liability if the Rabbitohs run him out in first grade this season.

For all of the problems the Wests Tigers have had in recent seasons supporters of the joint venture saw one silver lining. Lote Tuqiri was off the clubs books at the end of 2013.

For Souths to pick him up….it makes you wonder what the hell they are thinking!

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