Lote Tuqiri is Officially A West Tiger, Daily Telegraph Has No Interest In Non Rooster

I find few things in life more boring than Lote Tuqiri.

A bloke that played Rugby League as a youngster, went chasing money in Rugby Union (Fair enough), spent the whole time miserable and hating it, wrote about a million news paper articles talking about Rugby League and pleading with League players to switch codes, did something in a hotel that upset his missus and saw him get sacked…and now he is back playing Rugby League again.

Seriously, I just don’t care about anything he has done or will do since 2001.

Tuqiri has signed a 3 year contract with the Tigers, he is already 30 years old, and they must have rocks in their head.

The Tigers have a good junior base that is producing a lot of good young players. The thing about good young players is that they are cheap and there is always the possibility that by the end of their first contract you actually have a State Of Origin player earning $70,000….invaluable in the salary cap era.

Tuqiri wouldn’t come cheap. Sure, he won’t have been able to demand a salary figure he got in Rugby Union, but seriously, would he even consider playing Rugby League again for anything less than $250,000 a year?

So you spend a fair wack of your salary cap on a 30 year old Rugby Union winger who will still be on the books in 2013.

Not the smartest move a club ever made is it?

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