2010 Four Nations Draw Released And It Is Strange

Normally we don’t see the the draw for a major international Rugby League competition until a few weeks before the bloody thing kicks off, however this time around the IRLF (ARL/RFL) have taken time out from meetings in Singapore in high priced hotels to get a draw out early.

The 2008 World Cup was a success as far as crowds went and that basically come down to really focusing games in areas where they would get the biggest crowds.

It looks like this time around the Four Nations with mostly be based in New Zealand, with the Final based in Brisbane to attract the biggest crowd.

Below is the draw, take a good hard look at it:

2010 Four Nations Draw
Oct 23, New Zealand v England, Westpac Stadium, Wellington
Oct 24, Australia v Papua New Guinea, Parramatta Stadium, Sydney
Oct 30, New Zealand v Papua New Guinea, International Stadium, Rotorua
Oct 31, Australia v England, Melbourne, venue TBC
Nov 6, England v Papua New Guinea and New Zealand v Australia, Eden Park, Auckland
Nov 13, Final, Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane

Its good to see the World Cup winners and current World Champion Kiwi gets to finally see a bit of Test football played in their country finally.

Westpac Stadium always seems a bit cold to me. There have been a few Test matches played there over the years and I honestly feel that its always been like a neutral venue.

International Stadium at Rotorua, I can honestly say I have never heard of the place but its good to see a Test match in a new venue.

The double header at Eden Park is the one I really don’t understand.

Firstly, having a double header just completely trashes Test football. Having England and PNG play as a lead in to the “Big Game” is a disgrace.

They should have played that game in PNG, it would have been amazing for the game in PNG. I would suggest that didn’t happen because the heat up in PNG coupled with the atmosphere would have seen England get thrashed, and lets face it, its a good move for the games administrators to try and falsely prop up England’s standing in the game at the moment.

Australia will take on PNG at Parramatta stadium which I think is a good move. I’ll be there! The SFS would have been too big of a venue for this game and Sydney HAD to have at least one game.

I think Australia vs England will be played at the….erm…Docklands, Telstra, Etihad Dome, or what ever the under cover stadium down in Melbourne is called these days.

Getting 31,000 packed into Melbourne new rectangular stadium would be fantastic, but they will be able to get more in over the road.

As for the final, you can’t pass up Lang Park really. Once again, I’ll be there in attendance.

It should be an interesting competition but I have a feeling its gonna get very ugly for England.

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