London’s Win Over Sheffield Is Proof That Promotion And Relegation Doesn’t Work

Let’s not mince words here, the London Broncos are are terrible Rugby League club.

They are easily the worst run professional Rugby League club in the world. They are coached by Tony Rea, who I believe to be the worst coach in all of professional sport. The players at the Broncos do not respond to the coach what so ever, the club has no ambition at all, there is a complete disconnect between Rugby League in London and the Broncos, and fan of the club are sick and tired of watching them struggle.

They are way better than the Sheffield Eagles though!

That is the problem. The step up between The Championship and Super League is massive. Even a struggling, no hoper like the London Broncos easily beat the very best team in The Championship with relative ease.

The difference between the worst team in Super League and the best team in The Championship isn’t something you can make up over a couple of months of the off season. If the London Broncos can win 29-10 over the Sheffield Eagles, imagine what a top Super League club would do!

Keep in mind, this is a one off game. This is probably the biggest game of the Sheffield Eagles season. They were in form and up for this one. If you put them through an entire Super League season they would be thrashed over and over again. They would be worn down by professional clubs that are on a completely different level to them.

It wouldn’t matter if they added a few players from a relegated Super League club. It is just a different level. One they are no where near capable of competing at.

Promotion and Relegation is a myth. It is a system that holds back the professional game so that dreamers at small clubs that have a good season can pretend that they could compete at the top level.

If it is brought back, it will be a terrible, terrible mistake!

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