League Freaks Twitter Is Better Than Sex!

One day when my three readers get to have actual sex with an actual girl, they will realize that 35 second experience pales into comparison with reading League Freak on Twitter.

That’s right, I’m Twittering away and you are missing out!

During the day and night you’ll be able to see whats actually on my mind. Scary, I know, but hey, it will make it easier to do a case study on me one day.

When I hear breaking Rugby League news that is of general interest, I’ll post it on there. I’ve been told a few people found out about the whole Todd Carney saga via my Twitter account.

So if you are interested click the ridiculously large link below:


It will honestly be the best thing you have ever done in your life. It should also be fun to watch me die slowly via Twitter once the Penrith Panthers season starts.

So jump aboard!

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