John Hopoate Points The Finger At David Smith In Epic YouTube Rant

John Hopoate is a moment in time. A living legend. A man that made word wide headlines for shoving his fingers as far up the arse of opposing players as his knuckles would allow.

With all of that in mind, I believe that when John Hopoate speaks, people should listen.

Hopoate has posted a video on YouTube titled “John Hopoate: Finger on the Pulse – Episode 1”. That’s right, the former Rugby League player turned boxer has embraced his digital rape legacy. Not only that, he plans on giving people more opinions on the game, and on life in general.

This could possibly see him replace Josh Dugan as the “gift hat keeps on giving”, a title reserve for those people in Rugby League that do dumb shit I can write about.

In Hopoate’s first video rant he takes aim a the NRL for turning the game soft. He talks about how embarrassing it was for the Bulldogs to have to move their game from ANZ stadium because of an AFL match….he also calls the AFL a game for…..pansies. You know he wanted to go less politically correct on that one!

I will post every single video on this web site that John Hopoate decides to put on YouTube. I believe they will all be gold!

As for John Hopoate: Finger on the Pulse – Episode 1…check it out:

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One thought on “John Hopoate Points The Finger At David Smith In Epic YouTube Rant

  1. Business, corporate identity, social political correctness, no resolution to promote anything except business values have infested RL in Australia and in order to have continuity also devalued the British game.
    The very fact that players are now banned for what was a celebrated element says it all.

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