Blake Ferguson To Ask For A Release From The Canberra Raiders

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that State Of Origin representative Blake Ferguson will ask the Canberra Raiders for a release from the remaining two years of his contract on compassionate grounds.

It is believed Ferguson wants to return to Sydney so that he can be closer to his uncle, Anthony Mundine.

The Raiders will no doubt be thrilled at the news. Having stood by Ferguson and after resisting calls to terminate his contract two in times the last few months after different incidents, now Ferguson will turn around and tell the club he doesn’t want to be there any more.

It is understood every Sydney club will be an option for Ferguson with the St George/Illawarra Dragons the only exception. Apparently Ferguson’s “minders” don’t want him teaming up with Josh Dugan again. Apparently there is an invisible force field that stops players from different clubs from socialising…

This is disgraceful.

The Raiders have gone above and beyond for Ferguson. They have shown faith in his ability when everyone was calling for him to be sacked. They have done everything they possibly could to keep Ferguson’s career on track and this is how he repays them!

Too many players are trying to break their contracts on compassionate grounds. We now have adult men who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars saying they can’t live a few hours away form mummy and daddy. Not only is it pathetic, but it shows the weak mentality of supposed “professional” athletes.

The NRL has allowed contracts to become meaningless. This is the result…

I’ve written a number of times that I don’t believe Blake Ferguson is worth the hassle. He is a great athletes and he has a lot of raw ability, but you can’t rely on him at all. Whether it’s his patchy form, his off field issues or the fact he has looked to leave two clubs now with an eye on supposed greener pastures, a club needs to invest so much in him with the possibility that he will walk out again.

For all of his issues though he will no doubt have clubs lining up to get his signature. Coaches will over look his issues in the mad scramble for his talent. The Canberra Raiders meanwhile will once again lose a player that is highly talented ahead of time and receive no compensation what so ever for it.

I would guess that the Parramatta Eels will do everything they can to get Ferguson on board. It is not like they have a great deal to lose if they get him. I know people will ask if I would want him at the Panthers. The answer to that is a pretty straight forward no.

I feel really sorry for the Canberra Raiders. They have terrible luck with players. Josh Dugan and Blake Ferguson couldn’t have been more disrespectful and dismissing of the club and their supporters. Even after Dugan left, he blamed the Raiders for everything that happened. Now with Ferguson looking for a released, this whole drawn out saga is coming to a conclusion.

The Canberra Raiders should grant Blake Ferguson a release as soon as possible. They will be better off without him.

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  1. Thanks for this, I’m sure other Raiders fans will agree it’s extremely frustrating that these players (I’m looking at you too Carney and Dugan) show no loyalty to the club and blame everyone but themselves for their own poor behaviour. Enough is enough!

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