Joel Monaghan Gets Fellatio From Dog, Will Get Sacked

Its official, Joel Monaghan has apologized for the picture taken of him performing a sex act with a dog.

He will be sacked by the Canberra Raiders some time over the next few days.

There isn’t really much more that can be said about this whole thing. I mean, obviously pissed or not, Joel Monaghan has some major issues.

I don’t know how he will be able to get his life back on track after this. In all my life watching sport, I can’t think of a more embarrassing way an athlete has managed to get sacked than getting a blow job from a dog.

In fact, I can’t think of a celebrity who has done something so weird so publicly and with the pictures to prove it! At least the ones that hang themselves having a bat don’t have to deal with the embarrassment that will follow Joel Monaghan!

I’ve always said, players can do what ever they like these days because ultimately there will always be someone willing to pay for talent.

We’ve seen it time and time again with players who you would have thought would never get signed for either the issues they seemingly cause, the trouble they have alleged to be in, even the on field issues they have had.

Greg Bird found himself a job. John Hopoate got himself one. Julian O’Neill had no problems getting a gig.

So who will be the club that will sign up Joel Monaghan…..and it WILL happen!

The other issue from this is, yet again the Canberra Raiders will be sacking a player of decent ability because of off field behavioral issues. There is nothing at all to stop another club from signing Monaghan once he has left the Raiders.

That just is not fair to Canberra that they have to take the moral stand and someone else can get the accolades for supposedly reforming a misguided player.

A big hello to the Sydney Roosters and Todd Carney…

I think its time for the NRL to bring in mandatory bans for players who get involved in off field rubbish.

I’d like to see bans of 3 months and 6 months brought in. The difficult thing is, you would need to cross a clearly set threshold to legally be able to do ban a player for an off field issue like that.

The NRL can’t ban a player on an allegation, it leads to issues further down the track.

The other problem is the mine field you could put players through heading into important games…

Imagine Grand Final week, a person see’s the opposition teams star player out and about. They go out to draw him into a physical altercation because they know, he will get banned if he retaliates.

Its a gray area and its the reason why the NRL really can’t bring in such bans.

Joel Monaghan doesn’t need to worry about any of that though. His biggest problem is that he will carry this his whole like. He is THAT guy.

John Hopoate should send him a bunch of flowers. Monaghan just took the crown.

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