Jamie Peacock Wants To Take Back The Ashes For England….The Idiot….

Jamie Peacock has been watching the Cricket (You already know this is going to end badly) and he is pumped up! Like a retarded kid with ADD that just had three Red Bulls, he is bouncing off the walls.

Now, society usually has a filter for people like Jamie Peacock, but unfortunately because of his position as England’s least successful Captain in the history of Rugby League, he is an easy quote for Newspaper hacks looking for an easy story.

Its like abuse of the mentally handicapped really.

So Jamie Peacock, England Rugby League Captain, wants a one off game against Australia to decide the Ashes.

Thats right Ladies and Gentlemen, Jamie Peacock holds the Ashes in such high regard that he wants to boil it all down to a single 80 minute contest, in Wigan of course, so he can shove it right up Australia!

“It would be brilliant to be the first captain from these shores to pick up that trophy since 1970.”

In related news, I think it would be brilliant to tag team Megan Fox with Lucy Pinder and tape the whole thing, and I reckon there is more chance of that happening then there ever is of Jamie Peacock being a successful England Captain in any competition, no matter how short, stupid and one sided he wants to make it out to be.

As you read the quotes belong you need to keep in mind that Jamie Peacock just lead England to their worst ever World Cup campaign in the history of this great sport.

“The cricket Ashes this summer has been massive and really captured the imagination of everyone around the country,” Peacock said.

“It’s been a real talking point and the excitement at Headingley a few weeks ago when England met Australia was like something I’ve never experienced before, despite the result. I really miss playing Australia in a Test series like we used to and I’d be all in favour of bringing it back.

“Looking at the international calendar for the next few years though, there doesn’t seem much room for a three match Test series. For now I think the starting point should be a one off Ashes game each year between England and Australia starting this October with the Four Nations.”

There just comes a point where you have to say “Jamie, you’re a fucking retard, just shut the fuck up”. I mean, please….someone jingle some keys near this idiot to get his attention away from these stupid ideas he has!

Oh course, Stevo jumped in to protect his job with Sky. I like Stevo, he has his commitments with Sky and as soon as the season if over he is straight on a plane to come back to the country he loves….Australia.

He had this to say, just to keep his Pommy audience on side:

“To take both sets of Ashes off the Aussies all in the space of three months would be sensational and leave those Down Under on a real downer. I know the cricket Ashes aren’t won yet, but fingers crossed we’re nearly there!”

I have to that would be a downer, worse than when only 23 of the Sharks top 25 first grade squad came over to a gang bang I’d set up. Damn you Brett Kimmorley and Jason Stevens!

Anyway, back to this idea, and lets look at it with a level headed approach for a moment.

The Rugby League Ashes series is one of the most prestigious competition the game has. At its peak it was nothing short of an on field war, the unofficial world title belt.

Both Australia and England have had long stretches of domination of this competition and it has been the driving force for both nations in the past in regards to players development and game tactics.

Ashes games used to fill stadiums, it was where the great players proved themselves, it was a contest like no other.

Australia have held the Ashes for 36 years now, and from memory the last time they were on the line, in 2003, Australia won the series 3-0 with possibly the worst touring side I have seen in my lifetime.

We won the series 3-0 and Australian coach Chris Anderson was fired!

Jamie Peacock wants to take all that tradition, throw it out the window, play a one off game in England just after Australia has got off the plane and hope that he finally captains an England team that doesn’t get 50 put past them by a tired Australian outfit.

Jamie, you idiot!

What makes this stupid moron think he can call out Australia in such a way? What makes him think WE think so little of the Ashes that we’ll just throw them on the line in a one off game in Wigan.

What makes him think….its not grey or white matter! I like to think inside his head its like a lava lap, but they don’t use wax, its dog shit.

What ever the case, this just goes into what is becoming a long line of stupid ideas form this English joke. What an embarrassing thing for the game that this idiot captains England.

Its nice to know Jamie Peacock got so fired up over what has been the lowest quality Ashes Cricket series in living memory. Its great that he has never seen anything like it. Lets just hope this idiot, who has the attention span of a gold fish, can maybe fire up for five minutes in October and play a bit of footy rather than being the embarrassing loser of a terrible English Rugby League team.

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