Its Time To Sack Elliott As Penrith Becomes A Basketcase

Penrith assistant coach Matt Adamason wants a witch hunt conducted at Penrith to hunt down and punish players who allegedly want him out of the club, sick of his attitude towards them.

Adamson is furious at being undermind, an ironic twist for any Panthers fan that knows enough about the club.

Adamson publically came out in the media to call the unnamed players “Spineless”.

“When the lid is lifted on who is involved, it’s going to be very embarrassing for them. Why don’t they just put their hands up and walk into (general manager) Mick Leary’s office? This isn’t about me, it’s about the club.” 

Of course Adamson was defended by “good friend” and Penrith head coach Matthew Elliott. The same coach that has given his mate a green light to start training and prepair to make a return to first grade after retiring in 2005 after a very average, injury riddled season.

All this on the back of Tony Puletua and Luke Priddis being told they were no longer wanted by the club and should look for a contracts elsewhere, a meeting with players who were told no one else was going to be released, a media ban placed on all players from talking about player movement at the club, the club sitting firmly in last place on the NRL ladder and the players being blamed for not being able to adapt to Elliotts coaching style.

I’m sorry, but its time for Matthew Elliott and his coaching staff to be sacked. This farce has gone on long enough.

You can just imagine Penriths senior players being talked down to by Adamson. These players saw Adamsons time playing at Penrith, some played along side him, and all know that he was one of the players Penrith had to get rid of to finally become a success in 2003.

The likes of Luke Priddis, Luke Lewis, Rhys Wesser, Tony Puletua, Luke Rooney, Joel Clinton and Trent Waterhouse have all achieved far more than Adamson ever did at the foot of the mountains.

Meanwhile the thought that these players, who have played under the coaching of the likes of Wayne Bennett, Rickey Stuart, Phil Gould and John Lang are unable to adapt to Matthew Elliotts game play is beyond ridiculous.

So its one of two things for Elliott.

Either he is incapable of being able to coach the team to play by his game plan, or his game plan is completely flawed.

I’d suggest its a bit of both.

After a poor season in 2006 the Panthers managment decided to make a change in the clubs coaching staff. They signed Matthew Elliott and he said he now finally had the cattle to make his mark as an NRL first grade coach.

Half a season on, a club full of turmoil and sitting at the bottom of the ladder, Elliott and his coaching staff have been a complete and utter failure.

How long does it take before the clubs managment puts their hand up, accepts they made a mistake and looks to take the club in a new direction? A winning direction.

A change is clearly needed as no one at the club is happy.

Sack Elliott and his coaching staff. Do it now before the disaster that is left behind is even worse than it currently is now.

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