I Wouldn’t Want To Play With A Sniffling K.Hunt Anyway!

Stop, wait, stop what you are doing right now!

The Broncos just haven’t had a good training session for a while so we are all going to just stop what we are doing and wait until they are ready to play ok.


Its funny how Brisbane have always felt that the world revolves around them. A couple of their players get the flue and now they are saying they refuse to play a game of football.

This is the Greatest Game Of All, a game for gladiators, and these pussies are upset because they haven’t had a good training session! A bunch of tough guys up there in banana bending land.

It makes you think of how much trouble would have been saved if the chick in the pub toilet had the flu!

It throws up a few serious questions though about what would happen if a team decided it wasn’t playing a match for some reason.

I’d expect massive fines and quite honestly, a points penalty from the NRL. You can’t just not turn up! The Broncos would have at least 100 players on their books, getting a team on the field is not an issue.

When you think of how much money would be lost from advertising, television commitments and even gate takings, its a disgrace that a club would even put a game in question. They should be fined $100,000 for a lack of commitment to the games stakeholders.

I think of teams that have been gutted through injury, rep commitments, players leaving the club……in fact how often in an NRL season does a team name its best 17 players? If they get five games with all their players on deck they are lucky!

This attitude from Brisbane is not a surprise, but it doesn’t mean the NRL should go soft on them. Its about competition, and if you only want to compete when you are ready then piss off and let someone else get their time in the sun.

I’d fine them $100,000 and say they can’t take their place in the finals.


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