I Feel Like We’ve Done This Before…

You have to wonder where a club is at when, after a number of terrible performances, they feel like the best thing to do is to have everyone stop drinking alcohol for the next two weeks to try and lift their game.

Imagine in your work place if things were going well and the prevailing wisdom was that, you probably all need to stop drinking for a fortnight.

So the Roosters all agree’d to stop drinking for two whole weeks, and amazingly, that didn’t last long.

Roosters players falling off the wagon? I feel like we’ve done this before.

Oh wait, we have!

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That is all just articles I’ve found in the Roosters section of my web site about their stupid off field behavior over the last few years. Keeping in mind, I haven’t written about every single incident.

There are two issues here that go beyond the simple breaking of a club drinking ban.

First of all, Todd Carney going out on the drink when he knows he has a problem with alcohol and has told all and sundry numerous times that he promises to lay off the drink.

This kid does not need Rugby League in his life. He does not need the money, the free time and the lifestyle it brings. It just doesn’t agree with him at all.

He needs to have a real job that he needs to be up early to get too, that keeps him occupied, that doesn’t keep him up all night, where he is out of the spotlight and away from enablers.

He needs real people around him. Not a club CEO or a coach who wouldn’t have anything to do with him if he couldn’t play a bit of footy.

Now for Frank-Paul Nu’uausala and Nate Myles, who both were with Carney, I can’t understand their mindset.

Both had agree’d to the two week alcohol ban themselves, with Myles part of the Roosters “leadership” group (Which is mind numbingly stupid in itself!). They both knew better.

Frank-Paul Nu’uausala is alleged to have been involved in an “altercation” on the night in question. Both players have been dropped for one week by the clubs.

The thing I don’t understand is, if you are a team mate of Todd Carneys, and you know what he has done in the past and how his career is hanging by a thread as it is, how do you let him come out on the drink with you? Why don’t you try and change his mind. Why don’t you be a man and try and show this kid, who needs help, that going on a night out isn’t in his best interests?

If I’d been a mate of Carneys and I saw him going to buy a drink, I’d take him aside and tell him “You either get in a taxi and go home or I’ll get the coach and CEO down here to take you home themselves”.

Over the top? You bet. However, that is where Todd Carney is at!

To just go out with him, get on the drink with him and not give a stuff about what effects that could have, not just on his career, but his life, is incredible!

It is not Frank-Paul Nu’uausala or Nate Myles’ job to hold Todd Carney’s hand, but just being a friend, they should have done SOMETHING!

The Roosters at some point made a decision that they would not take into account what type of person that would bring to their club, just as long as they could play a bit of footy. This strategy has backfired on them again and again, and yet every single time the Roosters club has happily given chance after chance to players who have screwed up.

All through this, the NRL has been happy to sit back and let the Roosters handle things themselves. It makes you wonder about the massive fine the Manly Sea Eagles got a few years ago for drinking during a pre season function when you see all of the crap the Roosters have done since.

The Roosters done care, and that is why the NRL needs to step in.

The NRL needs to de-register Todd Carney for his own good and let the kid go and sort his life out. If the Roosters had any brains in their head they would have sacked Nate Myles and fined Frank-Paul Nu’uausala.

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