How Bad Are Penrith?


Penrith thoroughly deserves their record at the moment. Right now most of the side are playing like crap.

The Panthers forwards have to take much of the blame if you ask me. They start games TERRIBLY and its not until the starters are replaced by bench players that the team starts to look good at all.

I think its time for Lang to bite the bullet and bench a couple of starters.

Joel Clinton has been going downhill since just before last years Origin series. Joe Galuvoa has been very poor for nearly a year.

In fact, the only forwards playing well are Luke Priddis (Who has been sensational) and Ben Ross who has taken over from Clinton as the teams best prop….something I predicted two years ago.

On the bench, Frank Pritchard is making a great impact ever time he is on the field and surely the time has come to put him into the starting lineup.

Ive also been impressed with Garrett Crossman. He doesn’t do anything flashy, he is just a good, honest front rower who is getting the job done.

As for the rest of the team, only Campbell and Wesser have really stood out. Lets hope the rest of the team can get their act together soon because they cant afford to lose any more games to start this season.

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