Hey Andy….Hurry Up And P*ss Off!

Well, the Farrell saga drags on and on. Funny thing is, I don’t think ANYONE cares any more.

Wigan set the RFU a deadline last week….that deadline came and went…still nothing. Shows how much standing Wigan has lost in the sporting world. Once upon a time it would have been Wigan dictating to the RFU….not these days.

Wigans fall from grace isn’t just apparent off the field, on the field they are a team in trouble after a number of poor performances.

This isn’t a surprise to me. I was writing about Wigan’s long, slow demise in 2000.

Over time their imports become lower quality. The junior players they brought in were less and less impressive. Now, they struggle to even buy better then average British player like Gareth Ellis.

At the end of last year I predicated that Wigan would be relegated within 10 years. I copped a lot of flack for it at the time, but now….I think a lot of people can see that it wouldn’t take to much for relegation to become reality for the once mighty Wigan club.

Just think, ten years ago Wigan were THE BEST CLUB in the world by quite a long way. These days…..they don’t even look like a playoff contender.

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